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The apple is a fruit of the apple tree Malus domestica of the rose family (Rosaceae). It is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits. The apples ripe in autumn and usually have a diameter of 5-9 cm. The apple tree was known from prehistoric times, both in a wild and in a cultivated form. The apple is rich in vitamins, dietary fibers and minerals. It contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, biotin, malic acid. Apples help in the digestion and to burn fat. Since apples have very few calories help the human body to maintain healthy. It is good to be consumed after a meal because the valuable nutritional substances that they have helps to the body’s metabolism and to the faster digestion.

Packaging – Standardization
Description Net Weight Dimensions
Wooden box 4 kg one layer 3.5 – 4 kg 46x27x9 cm
Wooden box 5 kg one layer 4.5 – 5 kg 50x30x9 cm
Wooden box 10 kg two layers 9 – 10 kg 50x30x18 cm
Carton box 7kg one layer 7 kg 60x40x9 cm
Carton box 15kg 15 kg 50x30x37 cm

Aside from the above standardized basic packaging, the cooperative can potentially offer customized packaging depending on customer requirements.

Harvest Season
GALA ROYAL 15/8 – 10/9
RED CHEEF 20/9 – 05/10
STARKING 25/9 – 10/10
STARKIMSON 25/9 – 10/10
IMPERIAL 25/9 – 10/10
JONA GOLD 25/9 – 10/10
JONA GORED 25/9 – 10/10
GOLDEN 01/10 – 25/10
GOLDEN SMOUTH 01/10 – 25/10
FYRIKIA 05/10 – 20/10
GRANY SMITH 05/10 – 20/10
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