Cherry is called the fruit of the cherry tree (Prunus). They are spherical and their bark is smooth and shiny. They are small and vary in colour depending on their variety. There are too many varieties but we chose and we offer you the best of them, bjg dark red, sweet and juicy fruits.
Cherries are indicated for anemia, because of their high content of iron in low calorie weight loss diets, since the sugars that contain satisfy the sensation of sweet, without burdening the body with calories.
Its content in mineral salts increases the alkaline reserves of the body and contributes in the reduction of the fatigue and extends the muscular effort. Acting detoxifying for the liver, the gall bladder, the glandular system and the human body in general.
The cherry contains a sufficient amount of potassium and vitamin A. A cherry has 4 calories.

Packaging – Standardization
Description Net Weight Dimensions
Wooden box 5 kg row 5 kg 40x30x13 cm
Wooden box 3 kg row 2.5 – 3 kg 30x20x11 cm

Aside from the above standardized basic packaging, the cooperative can potentially offer customized packaging depending on customer requirements.

Harvest Season
FERROVIA 05/6 – 20/6
KORDIA 15/6 – 30/6
REGINA 15/6 – 30/6