The Vision & the Objectives

The knowledge, the experience, the passion and the love for the agricultural production, the long-time preoccupation with culture, the production and the promotion of the fresh fruit, led a group of producers to establish the Rural Cooperative «Dimitra» in Velvento.
The Rural Cooperative Producers Organisation (A.S.O.P.) «Dimitra» in Velvento with more than 170 producers, follows all the modern methods of cultivation, harvesting, packing and distribution of the fresh fruits. «Dimitra» carves its own unique path in the industry, combining harmoniously tradition, taste and expertise.
The Rural Cooperative «Dimitra» in Velvento with absolute respect to the consumer and to the environment invests constantly to the
new technologies and the manpower.
The vision and the objective of the Rural Cooperative «Dimitra» is the production and distribution of the fresh fruits, the top quality, the unique taste and the maximum safety for the consumer and all these in affordable prices.
The concept of the Rural Cooperative «Dimitra» is the constant modernization of the technology in the production methods, the delimitation of higher goals and the offer of high quality products.
The Rural Cooperative «Dimitra» in Velvento «signs» the Greek, branded and quality fruits which are produced only in Velvento.



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