The plum is a fruit with a sweet taste and nice scent. It is the fruit of the plum tree. It belongs to the genus Prunus, along with the peaches and the damsons. Its shape is oval or elliptical and its colour is deep blue or purple when it is ripe. It can be eaten as fresh fruit or dried without being altered its nutritional values. Can make jam or juice of it and can be used in confectionery. The plum is rich in vitamin C. It also contains vitamin A, calcium, cellulose and magnesium.

Packaging – Standardization
Description Net Weight Dimensions
Wooden box 4 kg one layer 3.5 – 4 kg 46x27x9 cm
Wooden box 10 kg 9 – 10 kg 50x30x18 cm
Wooden box 5 kg one layer
or loose
5 kg 40x30x13 cm

Aside from the above standardized basic packaging, the cooperative can potentially offer customized packaging depending on customer requirements.

Harvest Season
BLACK BEAUD 25/6 – 05/7
SANTA ROZA 25/7 – 05/8
BLACK DIAMOND 30/7 – 15/8
FREAR 05/8 – 20/8
ANGELINO 05/9 – 15/9